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Our Story

Since 1977, Dr. Frank Sung has been working in Houston to provide the best dental care for patients. His extensive experience is coupled with genuine concern for his patients. For the last fifteen years, he has been joined by his daughters Dr. Jasmine Sung and Dr. Jillwen Sung to become a true family practice. Most recently, Dr. Christine Tsai joined the practice as well.  Dr. Frank Sung has passed on his philosophy of educating patients to better take care of themselves along with always treating others with respect and integrity to his daughters and Dr. Tsai. Our wonderful staff is dedicated to your comfort and prompt attention, and our goal is to educate you on how to take care of your teeth so you'll enjoy a healthier and more pleasant life.

Our Services


Wisdom Teeth Extractions

Our staff has decades of experience in  wisdom teeth extraction. So make your appointment today for a quick, professional and positive wisdom teeth extraction.


Dental Implants

Our dentists undergo special certification and training which makes  Houston SW Dental Implant Center the best place in Texas to have your dental implants done. 


Cosmetic Dentistry

  Let us help you gain a whole new smile.  Schedule your consultation today. 


Dental Crowns

We do dental crowns & more!  Do you have a question about your teeth or dental care? Give us a call today!